New Directive for those with Human Rights Violations

It appears that ICE and DHS are following through in accordance with their new directive of targeting immigrants with criminal records and especially those that have committed human rights violations.

Since 2004, ICE has arrested more than 200 people for human rights violations and deported more than 400, ICE spokeswoman Nicole Navas said. The agency is pursuing more than 1,900 cases involving suspects from about 95 countries.

In one sentence for a man that had been convicted of human rights violations U.S. District Court Chief Judge Mark L. Wolf, “it is important to try to send the message that those being investigated and accused of violating human rights should resist the understandable temptation to act illegally to come and stay in the United States.”

And frankly, this is how it should be.  While immigration rhetoric surrounds the Mexican border and those that cross illegally, that is the least of, or should be the least of the United States governments worry.  Instead, the issue is making sure that we do not allow the people that have committed atrocious crime against humanity to receive benefits in the United States.   Hopefully, this trend continues and ICE lays off the family that is trying to make ends meet and target the actual criminals.

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